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  • Speech Power Testimonials

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Great, I like learning English. It's attractive with Call International.
Sebastian R, 08/04/2018 (*****)

The method is very interesting because I have never tried before. The idea of repeating and hearing oneself  "forces" the ear to be more attentive.
Very nice also the musical breaks.
Thank you!
Ingrid T. (*****)

This is really awesome !!!! I fumble, I stress but I love it!
Jean-Luc V (airplane pilot) 21/02/2018

It is not very easy but i try to do it.
Rachida R. 15/01/2018 (****)

After 4 hours of use:
Each time I connect to SpeedLingua I am afraid of the difficulties I risk to encounter. It is not easy to understand and to repeat the sentences I hear. The most difficult is to speak 5 min about an unknown subject.

After 8 hours of use:
Your portal is really good. On my side, it is rather hard. I'm still discovering features, especially to repeat the so-called sentences. My accent is really horrible and I can not be fluent; It will come !!!! (2)
Stéphane D. octobre 2017

It is a very nice method and it really helps to the opening of the ear! I also like the fact that I can listen to the pronunciation of the words over and over again since it is difficult for me to catch it by the first time.
I think it could be even better if a) the translation of the words and the phrases was more accurate and b) if you could export all the words/ phrases/dialogs you are repeating. (1)
Katerina S. 04/04/2016 (****)


(1) You mentioned inaccuracy in the translation. Indeed, Google translations are usually correct or acceptable for words, but not so much for sentences. Take it as an extra help, but not something essential (NB: These are NOT SpeedLingua translations) . Understanding what you are saying is not key for improving your listening and pronunciation skills. Indeed, we are reproducing here the verbal development of a child. Small children do not understand all the words they repeat. They just repeat them over and over again. It is important to let go of having total control of the meaning of the words. If you trust your auditory memory, it is not necessary to memorize all the words or sentences you are repeating. In the Practice exercises (oefenen), just after the immersion ones (onderdompeling), you can access the list via the icon in the bottom left corner. You can send the key words and phrases (for you) in your personal list via the pins on the right.

You can possibly copy the list and paste it in a Word document but I do not recommend it since it pushes you to analyze the language even more. Learning a language cannot start with analysis (you did not learn your mother language via books. Written books appeared later at school time when you could already speak the language – you had been trained by Mum verbally). I suggest for you to go through the exercises, especially the Immersion (onderdompeling) and the Practice (oefenen) ones, sometimes going back to the Immersion ones (in which the words are not displayed) to notice if it is easier then than the first time you did them.

Once you have completed several exercise lines you can go back to the first ones to see how much easier it has become, in comparison with the beginning of the online training program.

(2) Some sentences are long and therefore difficult to repeat. If they were too easy to repeat, there would be no learning. The good news is that you do not have to repeat the sentences perfectly. Learning is a process. You are on your way to improvement, even if you find your accent terrible. Again, if it weren't, you would not need this program. The only thing you have to do is to repeat the words and sentences you hear (even incompletely, even incorrectly) to benefit from the SpeedLingua effect (the audio-phonatory loop). Little by little your listening skills will develop, and consequently your pronunciation will improve together with your fluency. Just continue repeating, improvement will come with practice. The more you practice, the easier you will repeat longer sentences.