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  • Blended E-learning for languages with Rosetta Stone

    language course via internet and with coaching

    Online with computer, tablet or smartphone

    Distance or face-to-face coaching

Dutch, French, English, German, Spanish from Spain or South-America, Italian

Blended e-learning (2 types of support)

1. A three-month license:
   . Content adapted to needs and level
   . Thousands of vocabulary and grammar entries, numerous audio exercises
   . Regular online work with a minimum of 1 hour 30 per week
2. Individual weekly coaching, either face-to-face or via telephone or webcam


Online analysis: learning path adapted to individual needs and levels
Placement, progression and final tests.
Per session: audio, video, written supports put in context. They are followed by activities focusing on different aspects of the language.

More than 35 types of exercises with different goals:

  • Appropriating recently acquired vocabulary, grammar rules or sounds.
  • Reflecting on the language in order to gain an understanding into the way ot works.
  • Fine-tuning written expresion.
  • Increasing listening and reading comprehension
  • Exploiting professional content : specific vocabulary in the context of an authentic or mocked professional document.
  • Watching Video films on news; topics such as economy, science, politics. 
  • Using voice recognition for taking part in a dialogue : this helps acquire phonemes and specific intonations of the language.
  • Support tools : language lab, dictionary, translator, written language assistant, … 
  • Euronews® : a different lesson is planned each week, based on a report from the channel. (Not available in Dutch.)