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  • Daily Written Communication

    For anyone in a company who needs to communicate in writing

    Inter-company seminars: small open groups in our premises at fixed dates (2 to 6 participants)
    Intra-company seminars: for your company, in your premises or in ours at your most convenient schedule

French, Dutch, English

Daily written communication for professionals

In this seminar the participants will make presentations which become progressively more complex, and are closely linked to your work.
The many practical exercises will help them to deeply integrate the appropriate linguistic formulae (vocabulary, expressions, syntax, style).

The written exercises become progressively more complex, and are closely linked to their work. Gradually, automatic responses take hold.

For Whom?

For professionals who wish to increase their impact in their daily written communication in a foreign language.

At Which Levels ?

From B1 to C2.

A0 - Real Beginner: You have never learnt anything in the target language, even if you know a dozen words.

A1 -  False Beginner: You know between 50 and 100 words in the target language. You use stereotyped sentences like: "What time is it?".

A2 - Lower Intermediate: You can have a short conversation with simple sentences over well-known subjects, often in the present. Orally, you understand simple sentences in relation with well-known subjects.

B1 - Intermediate: You can have a conversation with complex sentences (subclauses) in the present, the past and the future. You understand complete texts relating to well-known subjects (good passive knowledge). You write elaborate texts. Grammar is still approximate. You lack vocabulary in some daily topics.

B2 - Advanced Intermediate : At this professional level you can present your company, handle diffcult questions, deal with simple negotiation. You have good oral and written proficiency. Grammar is globally mastered but not all the rules are used spontaneously. You have difficulty using idioms. You still lack precise vocabulary.

C1 - Advanced : You have a good command of the language. Generally the grammar is actively mastered. You are able to negotiate and manage difficult situations. You still lack very precise vocabulary and idioms. The target language does not sound completely like a native one yet.

C2 - Very Advanced : You have a very good command of the language, close to bilingualism. Very precise vocabulary and adequate idioms are sometimes missing to communicate freely and use a metaphorical language.

Which Language Skills Can You Improve with this Program?

Communication Skills Covered

  • Deal with different types of documents in your company 
  • Master the 9 golden rules of writing 
  • Structure your ideas 
  • Differentiate between written and spoken language 
  • Adapt your style to your reader 
  • Use the readability index 
  • Create a check list 
  • Write summaries, minutes of a meeting
  • Take notes rapidly (mind-mapping)

Extra themes if relevant:

  • Simplify your texts (readability)
  • Expand your syntax 
  • Learn techniques to improve your spelling 
  • Personalize your lay-out
  • Use helps on line (spell and grammar check)

In Practice

There are 2 options:

Communication Skills Inter-Company Seminars
2-day seminars, open to all, our schedule (2 to 6 participants)

Communication Skills Intra-Company Seminars
2-day seminars organized for one company in our premises or in theirs, their schedule, their group size.


Inter-company seminar: 999 € VAT excluded 21% per person

Intra-company seminar: please ask for an offer.