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  • Outsourcing

    A clever cost-cutting solution

    When in-house resources are too limited to organize training and follow up the quality of training sessions,
    When there is no extra deployable staff available in view of the cost involved

We can look after all of the following for you:

  • Updating the training calendar your company would like to follow.
  • Following up all the requests for information and registering your staff
  • Linguistic audits of the candidates (Check out our “Linguistic Audits” page; analysing linguistic levels, drawing up learning profiles, recommending specific teaching methods, drawing up a summary report
  • Encoding registrations  in your company’s management software (limited access)
  • Organizing the training programmes (booking the various training providers’ trainers, booking training facilities, ensuring that the necessary equipment is in place, etc.)
  • Following up training programmes (participation, evaluation)
    Regular meetings with your company’s file manager.Deze taken variëren natuurlijk van bedrijf tot bedrijf en naargelang de gewenste betrokkenheid.

These tasks can of course be tailored to your company’s needs in function of the level of involvement you are looking for.
They can range from managing your entire corporate training provision to managing training programmes you contract out to outsiders only.
Usually, companies allow us to use one of their computers and grant us limited access to their management software.
The cost involved will depend on the information flow and on the number of tasks we will be asked to perform.
You will be assigned your own personal file manager who will always be just one phone call away.
Whichever way you look at it, all in all, an excellent cost-cutting exercise!

Recipe for a successful collaboration

Certain rules will have to be followed to ensure a successful end result:

  • Both parties (your company and Call International) must have positive memories of a previous collaboration and have great faith in one another.
  • Outsourcing collaborations begin with a 3 to 6 months’ trial period after which the cooperation is reassessed and fine-tuned where necessary.
  • Following this trial period, an annual contract can be taken out.
    Our file manager will need to follow an introduction course on your management software.


If you wish, and with the permission of our clients, we shall be happy to provide you with a testimonial about this close and beneficial collaboration we have chosen to call outsourcing.