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  • Report writing

    Producing reports (scientific, technical, financial, medical, audit) or summaries

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The target languages: French, Dutch, English

Specific targets

  • Apply the stylistic and other requirements for business reports. 
  • Adapt the basic structure of the report as required.
  • Personalize the message while maintaining the requisite degree of formality.
  • Make the report easier to understand by simplifying the style.
  • Boost the report’s impact with fluent, precise written expression. 

Content (adapted to the work context):

  • Identifying objectives when the report or summary is requested. 
  • Identifying the reader’s expectations and knowledge in the area covered. 
  • Listing the essential points that the report will cover. 
  • Structuring and presenting the ideas clearly. 
  • Working with the legibility index (choice of terms, jargon). 
  • Emphasizing priority points. 
  • Gaining the reader’s attention. 
  • Choosing the right style. 
  • Assessing the advantages of declarative sentences. 
  • Mastering the golden rules of report-writing. 
  • Practicing powerful conclusions.

Extra themes if relevant:

  • Techniques for simplifying texts
  • Personalizing the lay-out
  • Using helps on line (spell and grammar check)


The many practical exercises will help you to deeply integrate the most important writing techniques (vocabulary, expressions, syntax, spelling, style). They are based on real professional documents if possible (confidentiality clause).
The written exercises become progressively more complex, and are closely linked to your work.
Gradually, automatic responses take hold, and you will become relaxed, clear and assertive: your objective is achieved!