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  • Quality

    Our commitment to quality

Qfor Quality Audit
Certified QFor, Call INTERNATIONAL enjoys a very high client satisfaction rate. In the Walloon Region, you can avail of training vouchers, since we are officially recognized as a Training Operator by the Region.

Needs Analysis of the Company
Meeting HR Managers and candidates’ managers will help us define clear objectives which the training session will have to meet.

Evaluation Report and Personalized Advice
The candidates’ needs analysis, oral and written level definition, learning profile description will lead to a complete evaluation report with personalized advice and a clear training program proposal.

Measure of the R.O.I.
The training R.O.I. will also be defined in the report: no surprise with budget and results.

Introduction to the Training Course and to the Method: “3 Steps Up”
The trainer introduces the “keys to success“ and tips which ensure the complete success of the training course.

Quick Satisfaction Evaluation
This takes just 3 seconds to complete, and is used mainly at the start of a course.

Mid-course Evaluation
Participants’ feedback halfway through the course.

Satisfaction Report
This is filled out by the participants at the end of the course, and handed over to the company.

Final Evaluation
The trainer draws up a report for the company on the progress made by each participant.

Attendance Sheet
The signed attendance for each lesson can be given to you on request.

Phone call (Quality Follow-up)
The Director of Studies calls some participants to get feedback from them.

Monthly report
On request, the company can have access to our online portal for following-up all courses in progress.

Course Director
Always available to answer any particular needs.