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  • Translations

Source and Target Documents

  • Translations and proofreading of professional, technical, legal, creative and business documents from and into any of the commonly used European languages, (other languages also available, to be assessed on a document-by-document basis).
  • Send us your documents, you will received a detailed estimate rapidly

Three-tiered approach

  • Close collaboration with contacts and/or end-users to ensure that the working context, the tone, the specialist vocabulary and the sector-specific style have been properly understood and reproduced.
  • Our translators only translate into their own mother tongue. They are specialized in one or more fields.
  • Once the document has been translated, it is proofread by a general translator to ensure that the quality of the text is up to standard, that it reads fluently, is easily understood and that consistency has been maintained.

For top-quality results

  • Rates are determined by the source and target languages.
  • Once we have received your source document we shall forthwith issue you with a quotation. (Please note that quotations for electronic documents in Word format can be issued faster).
  • We can also provide you with sworn and certified translations.