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  • Job interview

    Meeting and evaluating prospective employees

    Intra-company seminars for your company, in our premises or in yours, at your most convenient schedule
The target languages: French, Dutch, English

Specific targets

  • Set up a successful and coherent recruitment policy 
  • Establish comprehensive and sound selection standards 
  • Understand the legislation and rules governing recruitment 
  • Better determine candidates' psychology 
  • Gauge their motivation, their strengths and their weaknesses 
  • Attract suitably talented candidates by using innovative recruitment methods 
  • Sort out the candidates 
  • Master the 5 components of a smooth and successful interview 
  • Understand the 8 stages of reaching a conclusion after the interview


The training course offers simple but effective tools, which are easy to memorize and apply.
The many practical exercises will help you to deeply integrate the appropriate linguistic formulae (vocabulary, expressions, syntax).
The role-plays become progressively more complex, and are closely linked to your work.
Because all the exercises are filmed, they are followed by constructive feedback.
Gradually, automatic responses take hold, and you become relaxed, clear and assertive: your objective is achieved!