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  • Who are we?

SINCE 1987 our language and communication-skills company has been offering training for all levels in French, English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese.

We can offer you general or tailored, professionally-oriented language courses such as course in business English or in medical, legal, banking, technical … terminology once we have analyzed what you are looking for.

Call International, also stands for communication skills, and offers seminars on presentation techniques, conducting successful negotiations, meeting, etc.

Our 120 trainers, all native speakers, teach more than 15 different languages between them. Every single one of them has been trained in our teaching methodology. They are happy to travel to a location of your choice within your Region or train you at one of our training centres which all boast comfortable classrooms designed to make you feel welcome and at ease. Call International has been Qfor accredited which means that, in Belgium, you can avail of training grants, subsidies and training vouchers.

Learning a new language or the right communication skills couldn’t be simpler with our methodology which is based on natural learning (Check out the ‘Call International methodology’ fact sheet). Our passion for the developments in neuroscience allows us to empathize with our course participants and to develop communication techniques anyone can master

TAILOR-MADE PROGRAMMES for individuals and businesses:

  • General and professional language courses
  • Communication skills seminars
  • Translation services
  • Language programmes for children and adolescents
  • Motivation and learning methods for students (Amplitude)

We hope to help you meet your language communication objectives.