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  • Executive coaching

    It is THE answer to high level specific needs

    It simulates the working environment exactly, and matches the communication needs of each situation. For example, the participant's field may be medical, technical, legal, banking, auditing, insurance, travel, etc. (It is not management coaching)
    The schedule depends on the participant's availability. However, the more intensive the coaching, the more likely it is that new habits will be well integrated and remembered
    From 100 € Excl VAT per hour
The target languages: Dutch, French, English

Specific targets

The content is based on a deep understanding of the participant's needs and objectives, and is drawn up through a constructive dialogue between the participant, the company, and our training team. For instance, it can be the continuation of one of our communication seminars like preparing a specific presentation.


Discussions, practical exercises and role-plays involving progressive difficulties. Simulated challenging situations for stimulating creative and adequate responses. Continuous constructive feedback. New habits become second nature enabling composure, clarity and assertiveness: job done!