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  • Method

    An exclusive method : « 3 STEPS UP »

    Practising a language consist of spontaneously understanding and using the adequate terms and structures in any given context
    We all learned to speak at home, without books or pens. Our teachers fine-tuned our language through reading, writing, syntax and spelling. Today, we are capable of expressing ourselves spontaneously
    These 3 phases (intuitive at home, analytical at school, and practical in a real context) are all found in CALL INTERNATIONAL 's 3-step method. This 3-step cycle allows assimilating the good reflexes rapidly - both orally and in writing - regardless of needs or level

3 STEPS UP, the 3-step cycle

Thanks to the “3 STEPS UP” method, the acquisition of new behaviours (linguistic and non-verbal) is accelerated. You win!


Today, more than 120 trainers, all native speakers specialising in the wide range of motivating and efficient accelerated training in companies or in our offices are available to you.


The method allows adapting to the various training levels and profiles: from creative to analytical, relational, from beginners to advanced trainees. It awakens the different sensory channels to stimulate everyone in their individual way of functioning, whether auditory, visual or kinaesthetic.

Let us not forget the emotional aspect of training (laugh, surprise, varied activities), which encourage a rapid and long-term memorisation of the new linguistic habits.

At each level of competence, priority is given to communication though messages in the target language.