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"Language schools are all alike, with their independent teachers. They are language vendors and the only difference is their cost!”, some HR managers tell us.

Nothing is less true. Here's why …

Call International has been in existence for more than 30 years, which in itself is already a challenge, in a market that every year sees the emergence of new language schools that will last 2 or 3 years.

An exclusive pedagogy

Call International has developed an exclusive 3-step method called "3 Steps Up", which mimics the natural learning of the language. The target language is thus assimilated much more quickly than with classical courses (This approach is described in the menu under "Method"). This educational choice alone makes us different due to the specific parameters it requires us to put in place.

Interest in neuroscience

What underpins all our pedagogical choices is their validation by substantial research and discoveries about the brain. Whether in our ways of learning, memorizing, and retaining in the long-term, or in motivation, the pleasure of learning, and the obstacles and blockages that we create, understanding underlying reasons allows us to better understand how to do something … or not to do it.

Coaching trainers

We choose them for the values we share, their sense of communication and encouragement, their patience, their compassion, and their language skills. In order for them to put into practice our pedagogical choices, we train them for an initial week, by on-going coaching and continual workshops afterwards. This educational framework and this support simply do not exist anywhere else!

And the learners in all this?

Because they too are unique, in the first training request for a candidate we invite them to complete an online questionnaire called "learning profile". It allows us to understand how they approach language learning (their comfort and discomfort areas) and to speak to them in "their" language when it comes to teaching them a language as effectively as possible.

To do this, we have put in place several protocols: a detailed needs analysis and a refined evaluation of the four language skills, plus a questionnaire on the learning profile. All of this leads to the writing of a comprehensive evaluation report for the training decision-maker and the trainer.

Interest in innovative solutions and improvements

Because our world is teeming with inventive ideas, we remain vigilant to test and potentially adopt tools that can provide as many solutions as possible to challenges our participants my encounter. To this end, the Speech Power program is a unique system that helps solve the hearing difficulties of learners who are not comfortable with languages. The E-learning Flex program uses the Rosetta Stone e-learning platform, which has the most developed content in the world. Teaching staff regularly attend specific courses offering new educational tools in order to constantly adapt and improve our teaching.

All needs are covered

All the language programs that Call International offers cover all types of learners, all levels and most needs. The beginner will find more pleasure in general or personalized language courses, while the advanced level will be able to participate in communication workshops such as Presentation Skills, Negotiation Skills, Writing Skills, etc. Intensive or non-intensive courses, in private or group, distance or face-to-face, general or professional content, immersion in England, certification preparation, and online content are all paths that lead participants to rapid success. There are also programs for children, teens and students. We have everything covered!

The results: our priority is rapid success of the mission

In addition to writing a complete evaluation report (language level assessment, needs analysis, learning profile) for the training decision-maker and the trainer, we conduct quality monitoring (evaluation report, participant telephone call, advice, continuous discussion), as well as  follow-up of the trainer and the training.

The result ? CALL INTERNATIONAL gets 94% overall satisfaction from its customers.