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  • Telephoning skills

    Greeting, answering, informing, directing or dealing with objections on the phone

    Intra-company seminars: for your company, in your premises or in ours at your most convenient schedule
The target languages: French, Dutch, English

Specific targets

  • Establish a relationship 
  • Take a message accurately 
  • Ask for information 
  • Connect the caller, or put on hold 
  • Ask appropriate questions 
  • Match your telephone manner to the company's style 
  • Develop the skill of active listening 
  • Deal with objections and complaints 
  • Become more proactive 
  • Consolidate future contact 
  • End the call dynamically 


The training course offers simple but effective tools, which are easy to memorize and apply.
The many practical exercises will help you to deeply integrate the appropriate linguistic formulae (vocabulary, expressions, syntax). The telephone conversations become progressively more complex, and are closely linked to your work.

Because all the exercises are filmed, they are followed by constructive feedback.
Gradually, automatic responses take hold, and you become relaxed, clear and assertive: your objective is achieved!