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  • Writing skills

    For anyone who needs to communicate in writing with professionals

    Inter-company seminars: small open groups in our premises at fixed dates (2 to 6 participants)
    Intra-company seminars: for your company, in your premises or in ours at your most convenient schedule
The target languages: Dutch, French, English

Specific targets

  • Deal with different types of documents in your company 
  • Master the 9 golden rules of writing 
  • Structure your ideas 
  • Differentiate between written and spoken language 
  • Adapt your style to your reader 
  • Use the readability index 
  • Personalize your layout 
  • Create a check list 
  • Write summaries, minutes of a meeting
  • Take notes rapidly (mind-mapping)

Extra themes if relevant:

  • Simplify your texts (readability)
  • Expand your syntax 
  • Learn techniques to improve your spelling 
  • Personalize your lay-out
  • Use helps on line (spell and grammar check)


The training course offers simple but effective tools, which are easy to memorize and apply.
The many practical exercises will help you to deeply integrate the most important writing techniques (vocabulary, expressions, syntax, spelling, style).
The written exercises become progressively more complex, and are closely linked to your work.
Gradually, automatic responses take hold, and you will become relaxed, clear and assertive: your objective is achieved!