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F.A.Q. about Our Language Courses

What languages do you offer ?
French, Dutch, English, German; Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, etc.

What types of language courses do you offer?
Group courses, private courses, crash courses, immersions, e-learning, telephone courses, auditory training for adults; and also courses for children and teenagers during the school holidays.

If I opt for a private courses, do I have to take a minimum number of hours?
No, it depends on your objectives and your budget. It’s up to you to determine the length of your course. However, we recommend that you go for a course targeted towards achieving your objectives, and which gives you the best value for your money. The minimum time for a class is 90 minutes.

How many people are in a group courses?
Between 3 and 7.

How do you form the groups?
The participants first of all take a level test, and we allocate them into groups on the basis of the test results.

Is there a level test before the start of a course?
Yes, this allows the trainer to know the participants' starting level, and to better adapt to their needs.

Is the level test free, and does it entail a commitment?
For private participants, it is completely free. In companies, it is free if the person decides to join a course. Otherwise, there is a charge of 75 €.

Can I take a level test whenever I want?
Yes, as long as you make an appointment to take it during our opening hours.

Is the level assessment compulsory?
Yes, it is an essential premise for a targeted course, even if it is a group course. Without assessing your level, we cannot organise your course efficiently.

Where are courses given ?
In our centers, in companies, or at your home.

Is an hour really sixty minutes?
Yes, all our course hours are 60 minutes long.

What are your trainers like; are they native speakers?
All our trainers are native speakers, who have been trained in our method. They have undergone an intensive two-week training course.

What course material is used?
The trainers will give you adequate material at the beginning of the course. Our course and grammar books have been written for our teaching approach.

Do you have to pay extra for this material?
The group course price includes all the training material (course and grammar books). For the other programs, the course material (course and grammar books, CDs, DVDs, recordings) is not included in the price.

What method do you use?
All are trainers are trained in our particular method which is based on the principle of Natural Language Learning.

Is it a structured method?
Very much so.

How much importance do you give to written skills in your language courses?
The course is first and foremost about oral skills. The written language is considered for writing email, doing some exercises and introduced as a support for memorisation. Participants who wish to develop their written skills further should refer to our Writing Skills course under our specific purposes courses.

What is it that makes the learning accelerated?
Everything is gauged towards giving students an easygoing, comfortable and pleasant environment. This makes learning natural, and much faster than with traditional methods, which tend to put stress on students. Whole brain learning, stimulation of all learning channels, and greater emotional impact all lead to more direct integration into the long-term memory.

How long will it take before I can speak?
It depends on your objective: there are 6 European levels.

  • Survival: level A1
  • Tourism: level A2
  • Social situations, complex conversation: level B1
  • Business (negotiation, sales etc.): level B2
  • The next two levels are advanced ones: C1 and C2.
  • Each level requires between 50 and 60 hours, depending on the person, general linguistic knowledge, knowledge of the target language, and personality. There are some techniques, like Speedlingua which increase the learning pace.

What do the different courses cost?
You will find some of the registration fees in the website. For complete information please contact one of our centers

When do I have to pay?
We will ask you for a deposit of 25% when you register. The balance is due on the first day of your course.

Can your trainers deal with my specific professional needs?
We have several courses designed for all kinds of needs within companies. These range from general courses to very finely tuned courses, which we call “Communication Skills". Our trainers are chosen for their skills in, a particular area. In addition, they have undergone an accelerated training course themselves.

Do you also work with private individuals?
We have group or one-to-one courses for private individuals.

What is the advantage of going with your school, rather than any other?
We ave developed a specific teaching approach for enhancing the language and communication skills acquisition (see our method, our commitment to Quality) which makes us the specialists of teaching and training. The palette of the different language programs allows us to give you the best answers to your needs. We also take care of your learning style. On top of it, our trainers have been carefully selected and trained and attend regular workshops.

That all sounds great, but how do you ensure quality in practice?
Firstly, we ensure the pedagogical quality of our trainers by a system of continuous training. Secondly, we regularly ask for evaluations from our clients, so that we can be sure of their satisfaction.All this resulted in a rating close to 100% on customer satisfaction when we were certified.