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  • English residential immersion in england

    The fastest way to improve general and business language

    Reactivating passive knowledge, developing fluent expression, making rapid progress
Immersion in England with a host family combined with day-classes is a program that really boosts practical and mainly oral English. Immersion is the best way to create good language automatisms, and to generate oral fluency in English in a very short time.

For Whom ?

Adults 18+

At which levels ?

From A2 to C2.

A0 - Real Beginner: You have never learnt anything in the target language, even if you know a dozen words.

A1 -  False Beginner: You know between 50 and 100 words in the target language. You use stereotyped sentences like: "What time is it?".

A2 - Lower Intermediate: You can have a short conversation with simple sentences over well-known subjects, often in the present. Orally, you understand simple sentences in relation with well-known subjects.

B1 - Intermediate: You can have a conversation with complex sentences (subclauses) in the present, the past and the future. You understand complete texts relating to well-known subjects (good passive knowledge). You write elaborate texts. Grammar is still approximate. You lack vocabulary in some daily topics.

B2 - Advanced Intermediate : At this professional level you can present your company, handle diffcult questions, deal with simple negotiation. You have good oral and written proficiency. Grammar is globally mastered but not all the rules are used spontaneously. You have difficulty using idioms. You still lack precise vocabulary.

C1 - Advanced : You have a good command of the language. Generally the grammar is actively mastered. You are able to negotiate and manage difficult situations. You still lack very precise vocabulary and idioms. The target language does not sound completely like a native one yet.

C2 - Very Advanced : You have a very good command of the language, close to bilingualism. Very precise vocabulary and adequate idioms are sometimes missing to communicate freely and use a metaphorical language.

Which language skills can you improve with this program?

The method used is communicative and focused on oral language practice in actual situations.

A residential immersion (course + accommodation with a host family) is ideal to progress quickly: The courses will help to enrich vocabulary, develop linguistic automatisms, and create contexts for role plays. Cultural activities and family life foster spontaneous exchanges, understanding different accents, and applying what has been seen in class.

The combination of classes with activities and family life make it an intense week of language exposure. This is the ideal program to progress by one level in a week.


The language center in Winchester is a small place in which every student receives personal attention. The language programs are recognized by the British Council.

Less than one hour from London by road, the beautiful town of Winchester is famous for its architecture and character. With a population of 40,000 inhabitants, Winchester is a peaceful place to stay.

Carefully selected host families live in the Winchester area, and they will provide you with breakfast, an evening meal, and accommodations. They can possibly propose evening activities.

In practice

Option 1

With this program, you attend 4,5  hours each day: 2,5 hours in a small group in the morning, and 2 hours individual classes in the afternoon. Two or three times a week, a language trainer will propose after class activities.

Option 2

You attend 4,5 hours individual lessons per day: 2,5 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. The content of the individual courses is adapted to your needs. Two or three times a week, an English teacher offers activities after class.

What improvement can you expect?

Considering that a language immersion amounts to about 50+ hours in a week, a language immersion week generally allows improvement by one level (on the scale of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: CEFRL) because improvement is also directly related to the intensity of the program.


The registration fee includes accommodation with the host family, classes in the training center, course manuals and activities organized by the staff, from Monday to Friday, as well as transportation to and from Gatwick or Heathrow Airport. It does not include transportation from the mainland to any of these airports or return.

The fees for this program are very competitive and, given the number of hours of exposure to English in this short period of time, the return on investment is very high. The registration fee will vary according to the parity between the euro and the pound Sterling.

Please contact us to receive a price quote on option 1 or 2.

Take advantage of the seasonal offers:

Group course in French, Dutch, and English for € 449* (instead of € 499)

Intercompany communication seminars + Myskillcamp learning path for 899* (instead of € 999)

A 3-month access to a Rosetta Stone e-learning licence + ten  30-minute distance coachings for 449* (instead of € 499)

A one-month free trial of a Gymglish licence (via our E-shop)

* Please note that the prices indicated above are 21% VAT incl. for individuals and 21% VAT excl. for companies, self-employed and liberal professions.