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  • Train the trainer
    Designed to increase the impact of in-house company training, our educational methods stimulate the brain’s cognitive skills while catering for the different learning methods of course participants
    2 days, 7 hours a day, lunch with the trainer included (from 9.00 to 16.00). The seminars can also be arranged over 4 half days or 7 times 2-hour sessions
    Intra-company seminars: your company members only, your schedule, preferably in our premises, but other locations can be arranged
    From 1450 € excl. VAT for one person in a 2-day seminar. Decreasing fee for other participants from the same company in the same group
The target languages: French, Dutch, English

Specific targets

  • Organize the groundwork and the follow-up of your workshops 
  • Understand the specificities of adult learners 
  • Create a fertile learning environment 
  • Cater for the different learning methods 
  • Create strong moments that stay with your seminar participants 
  • Use opening and closing techniques 
  • Juggle with tools that grab attention, refocus your course participants 
  • Change the pace, the activities, entertain 
  • Master group dynamics
  • Stimulate long-term memorization


Our approach creates a fertile environment which activates the different forms of intelligence (analytical, all-encompassing, relational, creative, emotional, etc.). Interest and joy give rise to a personal implication which makes course participants eager to learn. As a result, they retain new information far better and assimilate new and correct forms of behavior quicker and more permanently.

  • Plenty of opportunities for practice, gradated for difficulty. 
  • Constructive feedback on filmed practice sessions. 
  • Practice with tools to develop presence and inner strength. 

In short, you will become a real workshop facilitator, appreciated for his dynamism.