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  • Succesful Presentations
    For anyone who does not specialize in giving presentations (with or without experience) and needs to make persuasive and informative presentations in front of a group of up to 20 people
    2 days, 7 hours a day, lunch with the trainer included (from 9.00 to 16.00)
    Inter-company seminars: small open groups (2 to 6 participants)
    850 € excl. VAT per person for a 2-day inter-company seminar

Specific targets

  • Prepare, organize and present your ideas clearly, working from a simple and easily mastered structure 
  • Hook the audience and keep them interested 
  • Control your nerves, body language and voice 
  • Manage visual aids 
  • Deal with questions and objections
  • Sum up and draw conclusions assertively 
  • Follow up the event


The training course offers simple but effective tools, which are easy to memorize and apply, even if you only need to make presentations occasionally.
The many practical exercises will help you to deeply integrate the appropriate linguistic formulae (vocabulary, expressions, syntax). You will make presentations which become progressively more complex, and are closely linked to your work.

Because all the exercises are filmed, they are followed by constructive feedback.
Gradually, automatic responses take hold, and you will become relaxed, clear and assertive: your objective is achieved!