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    SPEECH POWER enhances listening comprehension, pronunciation and fluency

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The target languages: French, Dutch, American or British English, German, Spanish, Italian, Brasilian Portuguese, Chinese, Russian

Blended Learning : SpeedLingua online program combined with face-to-face or distance coaching.

  • The listening phase: during 10 to 15 minutes, the learner listens to modulated music that warms up the little muscle in the middle ear and helps the ear to become open to the dominant frequency of the target language. There is no reproduction at this stage.
  • The pronunciation phase (audio-phonatory loop): the student repeats a word that he/she hears in his headphone; the student's voice is then analyzed and modulated by the program in real time to reflect the proper pronunciation of the word. The program then re-transmits the student's voice via headphones. The entire process takes 5 to 20 milliseconds. Thanks to this (close to) real time loop, the student's brain considers the modulated voice as its own. Given the brain's  plasticity, it will progressively modify its own audio-phonatory system.

About 20 hours are necessary to change the sound perception (see the frequency table hereunder): the ear is open to the target language sounds. It is ready for quick assimilation (NB : the system does not allow physiological auditory damage recovery). But even in case of auditory loss of some frequencies, SpeedLingua will increase sound sensitivity towards the neighboring frequencies and will therefore improve general auditory comfort in the target language.)

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You can only reproduce the sounds you hear. The challenge of the language learner is to hear all the sounds of the foreign language in order to memorize and reproduce them correctly. Thanks to its advanced technology, SpeedLingua promotes the opening of the ear. This enhances listening comprehension and correct pronunciation (without an accent).

A picture is worth a thousand words.

2 concrete examples:

  1. A1 Chinese student speaking French before and after 10 hours’ work with Speedlingua
  2. A2 French student speaking English before and after 8 hours’ work with Speedlingua

(recorded at the Metz university in France)

Picture and film source: SpeedLingua s.a.

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