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The ENGLISH RESIDENTIAL IMMERSION in Bray (Dublin) (course + host family) is the best way to generate fluency in English in a very short time. And it's a fun experience.

For whom?

For teenagers aged 16 to 22.


30 minutes from Dublin (Ireland), the training center is literally located on the waterfront in the small seaside town of Bray. The training rooms are bright, spacious and warm. A study center is dedicated to students who want to exploit library materials. In the computer room, students have access to the e-learning platform. A cafeteria  and a private garden with patio are available for students.

Practical organization

Located a short distance from the school, the host family, carefully chosen, provides breakfast, evening meal and accommodation. General English classes (20 hours) take place in the morning from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.  Three  afternoons  a week, an hour focusing respectively on expression and  listening skills, English business and pronunciation is planned. Added to this, twice an hour of private lessons on the remaining 2 afternoons. Students have access to the center's e-learning platform, one month before and 3 months after immersion  (also via tablet or smartphone).

Cultural activities are proposed (some are free, others are not included in the price of the stay). Center courses and host family accommodation (accommodation, breakfast and evening meals) are included in the price (2 students per family), as well as airport/Bray shuttles. Lunches, travel and paid cultural activities are not included. Stay from Saturday to Saturday or Sunday to Sunday (7 nights). €1230.00 pp.


Dynamic courses which favor vocabulary expansion, correct automatisms and spontaneity. Cultural activities and stay with the host family encourage spontaneous exchanges, the understanding of different accents. What has been seen in during classes will be put directly into context.


The youngster will have literally boosted his/her oral expression and improved writing skills in the process, all this in one week!

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CALL INTERNATIONAL gets 94% overall satisfaction with its training.