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  • Language courses and workshops for students from 18 to 25 years old

    Salvage the year or simply make it easier for yourself

    Intensive workshops during the school holidays or courses throughout the school year

French, Dutch, English

For whom?

We welcome students from 18 to 25 years old.

Which level?

Workshops and courses are available for beginner to advanced levels.

Which program for which skills?

The objectives of these training sessions are varied:

  • For struggling students, an intensive group workshop (5 consecutive days) can help salvage the year, and prepare for exams. We eliminate roadblocks and rekindle motivation.
  • If you want to review grammar and language structure, e-learning is the best solution. E-learning accompanied by a coach is generally more effective and motivating.
  • If oral expression and listening comprehension are stumbling blocks that impede progress, the Speech Power program can help you overcome these major challenges.
  • For those who have passed, it can support further progression and ease in the use ofthe language. We can activate skills to which not much time is dedicated during school courses, such as oral expression and listening comprehension. Intensive or non-intensive group courses, or private courses help boost verbal skills.
  • These training sessions can serve to prepare for the professional world (to attain at least level B1 or higher depending on the expectations of the job market).
  • For individual courses, the content of the course can be targeted to the needs linked to studies.
  • Distance courses have the advantage of having very flexible organization. It is not necessary to travel.
  • For English, an immersion in Ireland is a real springboard. It requires an intermediate level to fully take advantage of this.
  • Certifications are a great way to get a very useful official recognition in the country where the target language is spoken

Practical organization

  • Intensive workshops are scheduled from 9am to 4pm over 5 consecutive days (break of one hour for lunch not included in the price). They are organized year-round.
  • Quarterly group courses take place during the school year, 3 hours per week, for a total of 30 hours. They start in September, in January, and April, in the morning or the evening. We form homogeneous groups of 4 to 7 participants.
  • Immersions in Ireland are also organized over 5 consecutive days year-round.
  • Individual courses, distance courses, the Speech Power program and e-learning are organized according to the student’s schedule. Distance courses are scheduled as 30-minute sessions one or more times per week.
Group courses in our centers Private and semi-private courses Blended e-learning with face to face or distance coaching
Soft skills for communication in businesses


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